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in morrowind you could glitch climb mountains by spamming space sometimes, which, besides giving you acrobatics, was fun, and i was genuinely salty it didnt work anymore ;-)

in morrowind you could ALSO get one of several spells or pieces of gear and just airwalk or hop up that mountain

bah, i played a bunch of skyrim, and i had fun, but then i installed morrowind and it was... well it a good game and an entirely different experience and sucks in its own way, but it certainly doesnt suffer from boring mountain climbing

if they could leave the players more room to mess around with enchanting and magic in the next.... uh... fantasy game if they ever make one, that'd be nice, and also please unfuck the UI for PC so it's not a shitty console UI that barely supports mouse (i have not modded my game because im too lazy)

meanwhile, plenty of cool indie games to play wee

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